Biometric Control - Biometric Access Control Solutions and Benefits!

With the need for quality employee access systems growing, biometric control options are becoming more popular. Today various biometric technologies can be used to offer next generation security.

Biometric scanners can be integrated into companies to offer solutions that go beyond the old punch time clocks.

If you are interested in biometric access security, here is a look at some of the biometric solutions available and the benefits they have to offer.

Before looking further at biometrics options, it’s important to look at access security and why it is so important today.

Biometric Control 101

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Why Access Control is Important

Security is always extremely important, whether it is on a small scale, such as keeping a car door locked, or on a larger scale, such as keeping sensitive information safe.

The problem is that many people have found ways to get around the system as security becomes even tighter. Access control offers the ability to restrict access to devices or certain areas for the sake of security.

The benefit of going with fingerprint access control is that it makes it even more difficult to get around the system when compared to some of the older and more conventional access control systems. With the complex systems available today, companies are able to provide the best in access control, which provides the company with better security.

Several Biometric Technologies Use for Access Control

Today several different technologies can be used for access control. Here is a look at three of the popular biometrics technologies often used by companies.

Fingerprint Technology - One type of technology used for access control is biometric fingerprint authentication. This involves taking fingerprints of those using the system, storing the prints, and then comparing fingerprints to the system to identify and authenticate users. Fingerprint scanners are very common and this is probably the most popular form of access control technology used today.

Iris Recognition Technology - Iris scanning technology is another technology that can be employed for access control. The iris is photographed to show the unique pattern of the iris. This is a very accurate way to identify people, since the iris doesn’t change through life. However, at this point, technology has not totally ruled out some of the potential problems that come with this particular technology.

Voice Patterns and Recognition - Some companies are also implementing voice patterns and recognition technology using biometrics software. Voice patterns and recognition when used together can provide a powerful system. However, this technology does offer the potential for security breaches, which is why they are not quite as popular.

Benefits of Using Biometric Control Technology

Now that you understand some of the technologies used for bio metric control, you may wonder why using biometric technology is such a great idea.

This access technology brings with it may great benefits. First, biometrics systems and scanners help to eliminate problems like buddy punching and other forms of timecard fraud. Most systems are easy to use, which is another great benefit as well.

Payroll disputes are easier to resolve, since biometric security software keeps track of access and time information, so mistakes are not going to occur. The use of biometrics for access also helps to provide companies with better security, keeping unauthorized users from accessing restricted areas, information, or devices.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many companies are turning to biometrics devices for their security needs.

Looking to secure your home or business? Today you can buy a variety of security devices that use biometrics technology, including safes, locks, time clocks, and more.

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