Biometric Employee Punch Clock Choosing The Right Biometric Technology!

Working with a biometric employee punch clock is one of the best ways to keep track of those that work for you, and you will find that a biometric punch clock is the best of the employee time clocks.

Not only will you end up saving money by getting the most out of each employee, but you can make the entire process of punching the clock a lot simpler for each employee.

Biometrics is basically the recognition of human characteristics that are unique to each employee, which can include facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, retina scans, palm prints, and more.

Biometric Employee Punch Clock

One of the problems that most employers face is a tardy employee. The fact of the matter is that everyone in the world is human (robots haven’t yet showed up late for work), and thus they are subject to Murphy’s law of traffic, laziness, and arriving late.

You may find that each employee has at least one or two days a month when they arrive late to work, and there is little that you can do to prevent it. All you can do is dock their pay for arriving late, but that tends to get tiresome and you may want to avoid it at all costs.

Another problem that you may face as an employer is that some employees that are consistently late will get their friends to punch in their card on the employee time clocks for them.

They can then show up late with impunity, as they are officially on the clock even though they did not punch themselves in. This means that you will lose a lot of man hours, but you will still be paying them a full salary because their time clock card shows that they arrived on time.

In order to solve this problem, biometric fingerprint time clocks have been created. With a biometric punch clock, the only person that can punch you in is yourself.

An employee will no longer be able to get their friends to punch them in on the clock, as their fingerprint is needed to sign in when arriving at work.

This means that each employee is required to arrive at work on time to punch themselves in, as no one else can do it for them. If they are chronically late, you then have the record of their tardiness due to their failure to punch into the biometrics fingerprint time clock.

In the end, you will find that a biometric employee punch clock will be one of the most convenient things that your employees can use to log in their times.

Many people arriving at the same time may cause some to be late, as they arrive a minute or two before the deadline only to find that there is a long line to sign in with the time clock.

The long line caused by having to find one’s punch card, stick it in the time clock to punch, and place it back in the card rack can be a problem, but this is eliminated by the biometric timeclock.

All an employee needs to do is place their finger or thumb on the biometric scanner, have their fingerprint read within a second or two, and go on their merry way without creating a long line at the entrance.

Looking to secure your home or business? Today a variety of security devices use biometrics technology, including safes, locks, time clocks, and more.

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