Biometric Female Voice 5 Common Misconceptions!

The idea that the differences between biometric female voice verification and biometric male verification are merely a matter of pitch is only one of the many misconceptions about biometric voice recognition programs.

Since female voice biometrics is rapidly advancing, it’s emerging popularity has made it a hot topic.

However, those considering the use of this form of biometric technology must be aware of the facts instead of paying attention to common myths about these types of biometric devices.

To help calm the fears of potential skeptics, here is a look at the real truth behind common misconceptions surrounding female biometrics.

Biometric Female Voice 5 Misconceptions

Misconception #1 – Pitch is the Difference Between Male and Female Voices

Female vocal recognition programs are based on the fact that every voice is unique and different. Systems not only can note a variety of unique characteristics, but they can differentiate between genders as well. Many people believe that the main difference between male and female voices is actually pitch.

However, this is incorrect. A look at biometric female voice verification actually shows that physiology causes that difference.

Women have shorter vocal tracts than men, leading to a pitch variation. In fact, with a system that uses biometric recognition devices, the female vocals can easily be identified from a male’s.

Misconception #2 – Colds Eliminate Accuracy

Another common misconception about female voice authentication programs is that having a cold can eliminate the accuracy of these systems. While some older devices can have problems verifying an individual with a cold, cutting edge systems can still offer those with colds good chances of being authenticated successfully.

Since top biometric devices focus on many different vocal characteristics, only a few will be affected by a cold, meaning that systems can still be accurate when users have a cold.

Misconception #3 – Security is the Only Use for Voice Biometrics

Beyond the misconception about female and biometric male vocal characteristics, another common misconception is that security is the only use for this technology.

While it definitely offers great results for those needing security systems, it offers a lot more than security.

For those using these programs in call centers, it makes the authentication process faster, saving time and allowing female and male agents to focus more on upselling and solving customer problems. Customers also appreciate faster authentication times, keeping customers happier as well.

Misconception #4 – Voice Biometrics is Still Unproven

Many people still believe that biometrics is still unproven, but again, this is not the case. These biometric devices and systems have been used for years now, proving their benefits and many applications.

Many companies are already using biometric recognition programs, proving the good results behind this form of biometric technology.

Misconception #5 – Mobile Phones Cause Problems with Voice Recognition Programs

Last, the idea that mobile phones can cause problems with recognition is just a myth. In fact, for call centers that use male and female vocal recognition, a huge percentage of the calls come from cell phones.

Those using this technology have found that there is little to no difference in the performance of vocal verification between cell phones and landline phones.

Now that you’re aware of the many misconceptions surrounding female voice biometrics, you can better decide if you want to use this form of technology.

Look beyond common misconceptions, like biometric female voice and male vocal differences, the idea of colds eliminating accuracy and the thought that this technology is still unproven.

With the truth to guide you, you may find that voice recognition biometrics offers an excellent option for your home or business security needs.

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