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Biometric imaging is the solution for capturing the unique biometric prints of each person around the world. 3D face recognition is one of the methods of imaging, as are 3D fingerprinting and capturing a palm print.

This form of imaging will ensure that only those who are granted access to a certain location are able to do so, and thus prevent private or sensitive information and documents from being stolen.

Those looking to enhance their security should consider one of the many biometric devices that use imaging, particularly those who need to protect very valuable or important items.

Biometric Imaging Devices

Biometrics id imaging involves capturing the unique biometrics pattern of someone’s face or hand for the purpose of securing a computer, safe, or lock against forced entry by any other person. Using biometric images is one of the best ways to enhance security greatly, as it is incredibly difficult for the imaging security measures to be circumvented.

Those who use the imaging software will find that their security is greatly improved, and the more advanced imaging software is as easy to use as any other form of biometric security software.

The reason that imaging is such a good idea is that it is virtually impossible to break into. There are dozens of ways to circumvent nearly every other form of biometric security device that uses only the print to open the device:

1. Retinal scanners can be fooled simply by copying the retinal pattern of the owner and imprinting it onto a contact lens.

2. Finger print scanners are the easiest to fool, particularly the 2D ones that only require the correct fingerprint pattern to be placed on the scanner. Gel fingertips can simply be created, or even using fingerprinting dust on the scanner is often enough to circumvent the system.

3. Face scanners can be fooled, particularly if they only require a 2D capturing of the image of the face.

4. Even gait scanners can be fooled, though it will require a good deal of practice and cunning to defeat this type of biometric scanner.

The downside to all biometrics is that, like any other lock, it can be circumvented by someone who is incredibly smart and persistent. However, the hardest types of security devices to circumvent are those that use 3D imaging to allow or deny access.

The biometric 3D facial recognition scanner, fingerprint scanner, or handprint scanner will usually be a lot harder to crack seeing as they use a 3D image of the person’s biometric fingerprint.

The 3D image of a person’s face or hand is much more difficult to imitate, and thus the biometric facial imaging devices that use 3D facial imaging recognition or fingerprint scanning software is that much harder to circumvent.

Anyone who wants to increase the security of their files, cash, documents, or other valuables will find that the 3D biometric image capturing devices are much more secure than any 2D scanner.

Only by using these imaging scanners will security truly be possible, though all biometric systems are much better than any conventional lock. However, those who are looking to enhance their security to the point of virtual impenetrability will find that these biometrics face imaging systems truly are the best that the current market has to offer.

Are you looking to secure your home or business with a biometrics device? Today you can buy a variety of security devices that use biometrics technology, including safes, locks, time clocks, and more.

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