Biometric Padlock What Are The Pros And Cons Of A key less Padlock?

The biometric padlock is an upgrade of a reliable security device, and you will find that using the biometric fingerprint padlock is a much better choice than a regular pad lock that requires a key.

The keyless padlock is actually a digital padlock that uses the print of your finger or thumb to access the locking mechanism, and you will find that both a fingerprint and thumbaccess biometrics device will be the best upgrade to your home security door lock.

Most people use a padlock for locking their garage, gate, fence, or other outside structure. Padlocks are usually too unwieldy to use on the doors of a house, but they are perfect to use for any structures around your property or inside you home.

If you are going to be storing important items like tools, machines, or your third car in your garage, storage shed, or other external structure, you kind of want to be certain that they are safe.

While a regular padlock can be opened fairly easily, a biometric padlock is a much better choice for upgrading your security.

Biometric Padlock - Maximum Security At Its Best!


  • You don’t have to use a key to open the lock, meaning you can always open the lock even if you don’t have your keys on you. Simply press your fingerprint against the lock, and voila! Instant success!
  • You can almost always get the padlock open, no matter what. Even if the biometric fingerprint scanner isn’t working, you can usually input the master code to open the lock.
  • You don’t have to carry a bunch of keys with you wherever you go. As you add more and more valuable things to your collection or possessions, you accumulate keys that open the containers that protect them. You often end up with 10 or more keys on the same key ring, but with the biometric finger print padlock you don’t need even one.


  • These locks really are a lot more secure, as there are no combinations or keys that enable thieves to pick the lock. The only thing that can access the lock is your fingerprint, and that is carried around with you wherever you go.
  • There are not too many manufacturers that are well known in the biometric lock world, so it can be hard to point at a lock and say "Yes, that is a reliable biometric lock or that is a top rated biometric lock."
  • The lock is usually powered by a battery, but what happens when the battery runs out?

If you are looking to secure your home or business with biometric security devices, it is very important that you know what will best suit your needs.

When it comes down to it, the decision whether or not to choose a biometric padlock is entirely up to you. You can enhance your security greatly with one of these locks, and you can make it a lot more convenient to get in and out of your locked building.

However, there are always risks that the lock will malfunction or have problems, and this may end up being too much of a "con" against the lock.

Make sure to check with your local biometrics manufacturer to be certain that you know how to fix the locks if you are going to use them, as that will ensure that you can always get into your securely locked buildings no matter what.

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