Biometric Technology Pros and Cons Is The Future Here?

Biometric technology pros and cons of the latest security devices. While this technology has been around for decades, it has only been within the past few years that its use has become more prolific.

This advanced technology is currently being used by the military, at airports, by many of the major financial institutions, in homes and by many of the larger national companies that have both security and employee time card needs.

Here is just a few of the biometric security devices that are a currently using this advanced technology which includes:

  • biometric facial scanners
  • door locks
  • retinal scanners
  • fingerprint scanners
  • hard drives
  • gun locks and more.

As these types of security devices become increasingly common, many question whether biometrics is really a practical solution. For any company or individual trying to decide if biometrics authentication is the right option for their security needs, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of this technology.

Biometric Technology Pros and Cons

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Here is a closer look at some of the big biometric technology pros and cons that must be considered before adapting this technology and purchasing biometric devices for your needs.

The Pros

A close look at these biometric systems reveals several important pros that must be considered. One of the main pros that come with this technology is the high accuracy it provides. Since biometrics uses unique physical features, such as a fingerprint, the retina pattern or facial features, it is a very accurate method of authenticating uses.

Biometric attributes are very unique and for this reason, biometrics has been used for identification for many years. It’s excellent accuracy is why so many companies are beginning to make use of these devices for their security needs.

Biometric information is not easy to forge, which is another of the pros biometric science has to offer. Many other authentication and identification systems that do not use biometrics are easy to forge. For example, many companies use traditional time card systems, which are easy to fool.

This leads to a lot of time card fraud, which costs many companies a huge amount of money. Companies needing good authentication systems need systems that cannot easily be bypassed or forged. It is difficult to forge this information, which is one of the main reasons it has become a popular choice today.

Depending on the unique use of bio technologies, it can also do away with the need to remember passwords and combinations. Instead of having to remember a password for a computer system or the combination to a safe, all users need is to present their biometrics information to gain access to a system.

Instead of using key cards, which are easy to steal, users simply scan their data instead of using access badges. This is yet another of the important pros offered by biometrics today.

Pros and Cons of Biometric Technology

The Cons

Of course, while biometrics offer many excellent pros, it’s important to consider the cons of this tech as well. One of the biggest cons that comes with this system is the cost. While systems using this technology are becoming more affordable, they are still quite expensive.

Not only do biometric devices have to be purchased, by software is often needed to implement the system. Integration with current networks can be costly as well. Keep in mind, the use of this technology can offer some excellent savings, but introducing this technology can be quite expensive in many situations.

Another con to consider is the comfort level with this technology. Many people today consider biometrics to be invasive. In many cases, this is due to being unfamiliar with the systems. However, others feel like these systems intrude on their personal rights.

Also, in some cases, biometric systems are unable to get a reference point from some people. While this is only the case in a small percentage of people, it still is a concern.

Before deciding if biometrics technology is the right choice for your needs, carefully scrutinizing the pros and cons is definitely important. While there are many biometric technology pros and cons to consider, many companies and individuals today feel that the pros outweigh the cons and are choosing to implement this technology in a variety of applications.

Biometric Technology Pros and Cons Systems

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