Biometric Time and Attendance System Upgrade!

As biometric time and attendance solutions become more popular, the old traditional punch clocks are being pushed out by the new biometric technologies available.

If you’re still using the old punch clocks, your time and attendance system might as well be stuck in the "Dark Ages." Maybe you’re holding on to your own punch clock system because you think you just can’t afford a new biometric fingerprint attendance system.

However, you probably don’t realize just how much money the old technology is costing you. If you’re not convinced that you need to replace the old punch clock system with a biometric fingerprint time clock, here is a look at the biometric time systems versus traditional punch clocks so you can see the difference between the two.

The Benefits Of A Biometric Time And Attendance Clock

Accuracy Considerations

The first thing to consider when comparing biometric time and attendance systems versus traditional punch clocks is accuracy. Biometric systems easily beat out those old punch clocks for accuracy.

Nothing can beat a biometric fingerprint time clock in this case. Passwords cannot be lost by employees, swipe cards can’t be covertly obtained, and PIN numbers cannot be copied. You will be provided with the most accurate results, which will in turn save you money.

Since biometric software keeps track of everything, you won’t have to even worry about accidental human errors, eliminating the problems that can occur with payroll disputes.

Ending Buddy Punching and Time Theft

Buddy punching and theft are two big problems that companies deal with, especially those using the old punch clocks.

However, when you implement a biometric time & attendance system into your company, you’ll be able to end these crimes of opportunities. The traditional punch clock leaves it open to dishonest employees to get a little extra time here and there.

Others may even try to have friends clock in for them even if they are late. You can suffer huge losses for your company from time theft with punch clocks, but this loss can be prevented.

With a biometric fingerprint time attendance system you can make it impossible for your employees to buddy punch or try other methods of theft.

You’ll save big time on labor costs and you’ll also see higher productivity within your company, boosting your bottom line.

Employee Tracking

Trying to track employees and their time and attendance with any accuracy at all is merely a guessing game when your company uses the old punch clock. In fact, even if you suspect that an employee is taking advantage of you, actually catching them and proving it can be difficult.

Biometric time attendance tracking systems allow you to easily identify and track your employees, since they take biometric information, such as fingerprints. Not only can you track timelines and attendance, but a biometric fingerprint time clock system can also help you to track where employees go as well if you set it up to control access to certain areas.

Telecommute and Mobile Employees

Last, you may wonder how biometric time & attendance systems compare to traditional punch clocks when it comes to telecommute and mobile employees.

If your company has even a few mobile employees, it’s tough to really know how much your employees are working, since they can’t have access to a regular punch clock.

However, with a fingerprint attendance system, your telecommute and mobile employees will have a way to access the system and record their activities, even from a remote location.

Even if you work with temporary workers or at various locations, these biometric time and attendance systems can be easily implemented to keep track of this information for you.

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