Handgun Lock Box Choosing A Biometric Safe!

A biometric handgun lock box is designed to provide the best possible protection and safety for your handgun. They make it easy for you to quickly access the gun while ensuring that children cannot accidentally access your handgun.

Biometric fingerprint pistol gun safes are the most popular option, although other biometric technologies can be used for these safes as well. If you’ve decided to purchase a lock box of your own, you’ll find that biometrics options are quite popular on the market today.

How can you make a decision with all those options available? To help you narrow down your choices and enable you to choose the right biometrics gun lock box for your needs, the following are some important tips to follow.

How Many Profiles Can Be Stored?

One of the most important things to consider when trying to choose a quality biometric handgun lock box is the number of profiles that can be stored by the system.

More than likely, you’ll want to give at least one other person access to the safe in case there is an emergency and you are unable to access the handgun yourself. It’s a good idea to look for options that allow you to store a minimum of 10 different biometric profiles.

Consider the Power System

You’ll also want to consider the power system used when choosing from the many pistol gun safes on the market. Many of these safes are battery powered, which means the safe has power, even if the power is off.

If the lock does operate on battery power, make sure you learn how long the batteries last and ensure the safe comes with an alert to let you know when you need to change the batteries.

Check Out Mounting Options

Are you planning to mount the handgun lock box? Do you plan to simply tuck the lock away? These are important questions to ask when trying to choose the right device for your handgun.

If you want to mount the handgun device, ensure you choose an option that makes it easy for you to mount and bolt it down to a surface. Some options allow you to bolt the box in under a table or desk, which provides great access.

Backup Measures to Open the Safe

Find out if the handgun safes you’re considering comes with backup measure to open the safe. Although it is unlikely that your safe won’t open, it can happen. It’s a good idea to ensure there is a makeup measure you can use to open up the safe, such as a backup key. With a good backup measure, you can ensure the box is accessible, even if a problem occurs with the biometric identification system.

False Reject and False Accept Rates

As you take time searching for the perfect biometric handgun lock box, pay attention to the false reject and false accept rates of the product. Good companies should have no problem providing you with this information on their products.

The false reject rate is the percentage of times that you could be denied access to the safe while still offering the right fingerprint. Usually, these lock boxes come with failure rates that fall between 0.00066 and 1.0 percent.

A false accept rate is the number of times the scanner allows the box to open without the correct profile. False accept rates range between 0.0001 and 0.1 percent. Keep in mind, the lower the false reject and false accept rates are, the better the safe will be for your gun safety and security needs.

Other Important Features

Of course, there are a few other important features to consider when choosing biometric gun safes as well. An interior LED light is a nice feature to have, since it allows you to easily see inside your safe when it is dark around you. Another feature is the access alert noise, which beeps when someone is granted access to the safe.

Consider all the features that the biometric handgun lock box has to offer, deciding which features are important to you. Then you’ll be able to make a decision that works best for your specific needs.

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