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Biometric home security door lock the secret to choosing a fingerprint keyless door lock that will provide you with the maximum level of protection is to go with the most technologically advanced products available.

Choosing a biometric security door lock may prove to be exceptionally challenging. Despite the potential complications that may arise when choosing locks for the doors of your residence, this is a necessary task that will assist in providing an optimal level of security to your home.

By researching and selecting the proper biometrics security door lock, you are strengthening the very first line of defense against those that wish to enter your home uninvited - intruders.

Because of the massive amount of locks available on the market today, you may become increasingly perplexed when it comes to deciding which is most appropriate and provides the highest amount of safety for you, your loved ones, and the personal belongings that you value so much.

Biometrics Home Security Door Lock Devices

Crime Statistics

In recent years, home security measures have gained a tremendous amount of prominence. It has been established that there is an increased level of violence and property crimes occurring worldwide. This seems to be a direct result of the various types of economic fluctuations that are making headlines day in and day out.

Many individuals have lost their income and are becoming desperate for cash. As a result, many are turning to crimes that could be potentially profitable such as burglaries and other types of theft.

When shopping for a home security door lock, it is essential that you consider statistics involving homes that are not using the most technologically advanced biometrics products available:

  • In the United States alone, it has been established that a burglary occurs at least once every fifteen seconds.
  • The most common time for a burglary occurs is during work hours. These crimes start as early as 10:00am and 3:00pm.
  • Nearly 66% of all burglaries that are reported involve residential structures.
  • In nearly half of all residential burglaries, an individual that lived in the home was present at the time that the crime took place.
  • According to police reports and statistical data, a home invasion occurs approximately eight thousand times a day in the United States. A total of 38% of all assaults reported annually occur during a home invasion.
  • In addition to this, a total of 60% of all rapes reported each year occur when an intruder burglarizes a home where residents are present.

Technologically Advanced Fingerprint Door Locks

In all burglaries, home invasions and similar property crimes, a standard home door lock was found to be ineffective in preventing or deterring the crimes.

Given the fact that the average burglary results in approximately $1,800.00 worth of damage and/or loss, and could potentially impact the lives of those that reside within the burglarized structure, consumers are demanding a higher level of lock protection.

As a result of this demand, a technologically advanced security lock was designed and distributed to the public. Examples of these products include both biometric deadbolts and fingerprint door locks.

Today, many homeowners are finding that a biometrics fingerprint door lock and/or fingerprint keyless door locks are the most appropriate options in safely securing themselves, their loved ones and their belongings inside of their home safe from perpetrators that wish to inflict some type of harm against them.

If you are interested in determining which type of biometric home security door lock is most suitable for your home, it is important that you research the features and levels of functionality associated with advanced products such as biometrics deadbolts and/or biometrics fingerprint door locks in order to determine which is most appropriate for your individual needs.

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