Iris Biometrics Using Iris Analysis Devices!

Iris biometrics is just one of the biometric technologies that are available today. Although it is often confused with the retina scan, it is very different, focusing on the iris instead of the retina of the eye.

Although other biometric security options are more popular than biometric iris analysis, an iris scan or retinal scanning offers accuracy that some other techniques can not provide or even come close to.

If you’re interested in biometric eye recognition technology, you may be wondering what it can offer you.

Here is a closer look at retina biometrics, the benefits it provides, and a few potential problems that should be considered as well.

Iris Biometrics Technology

How Does Biometrics Work!

How biometrics work well first it’s important to understand how iris analysis works. This biometric identification method involves taking high resolution images of the eye.

A camera is one method used to take the iris scan uses in biometrics and it creates a template of the eye, which notes the reflection of the cornea. Once the image of the iris has been taken, the next step in iris biometrics is to convert that image into a mathematical algorithm.

After information on biometrics is put into the biometric access control systems, every time an eye is scanned, it gets compared against all the mathematical data already put into the system to identify and authenticate the user.

The Benefits Of Biometrics

Now that you understand how iris biometrics works, you may be wondering how using the iris scan can benefit you. This type of biometrics actually has many advantages that other retina biometric technologies cannot provide.

Here are just a few of the top benefits that you’ll enjoy when using biometrics iris recognition.

Benefit #1 - High Accuracy - One of the main benefits of using eye biometrics is the high accuracy that this iris biometric technology provides. Everyone has an iris pattern that is distinct - even twins. Both the left and right irises differ from one another as well. In theory, the accuracy of this technology should be at close to 100%.

Benefit #2 - No Contact Required - Another benefit of iris analysis is that no contact is required to scan the iris, as is required for fingerprint or biometrics hand geometry scanning. You can stand close to a scanner or even a few feet away, which makes it extremely convenient.

As the technology around this specific form of biometrics develops, it is logical to assume that the iris can be scanned easily from a distance to identify an individual.

Benefit #3 - The Iris Doesn’t Change Over Time - You’ll also find that the iris itself doesn’t change over time. Studies on iris scans have been able to identify a single person for longer than 30 years using personal biometrics.

This means that even as you age, the iris remains the same, except for when surgical procedures and medical conditions change the color or shape. However, even after surgery or a medical problem the actual texture of the iris is still the same. This means that iris scans can be more reliable than retinal scanning, since the retina can change as you age.

Potential Biometrics Problems

It’s easy to see that retina biometrics has many benefits to offer. However, there are still a few potential problems to consider. First, it’s important to understand that the iris scan is still pretty new and has not been used as long as other forms of biometrics.

Also, it is still difficult to perform these scans over a long distance and image quality and software failure can lead to misidentification. Dark eyes, tears, contacts, and long eyelashes are also known to throw off these scans as well.

Although there are a few potential problems that need to be addressed, iris biometrics does have a lot to offer. No doubt, as biometrics security technology continues to progress, this biometric technology will continue to grow and become even more accurate, adding to the benefits that are already offered.

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