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The biometric keypad door lock is an excellent option for business owners who are worried about security. In some cases, parts of the business area may need to be secured to protect sensitive information or processes.

For many business owners, traditional locks are no longer an option, since they are easy for criminals to bypass without a problem.

The good news is that biometric push button door locks offer another level of security that can help businesses secure their sensitive areas.

These new keypad options are affordable and are becoming extremely popular among both small and large businesses.

Benefits of Keyless Keypad Door Locks

Many benefits can be enjoyed by businesses that begin using a biometric keypad door lock. First, you’ll find that these door locks allow businesses and homes to go keyless.

Having to use multiple door keys can come with many security concerns. With so many keys out there, it’s easy for someone unauthorized to gain access into the area. Also, there’s the problem of forgetting a key and failing to gain access when needed.

Another benefit of these locks is that it offers better access control. It allows businesses to keep unwanted visitors from wandering into sensitive areas, which is important. All that is needed to gain entrance is a code and a fingerprint, which works better at keeping unwanted visitors at bay when security is essential.

A few of the other benefits that come with these locks is the benefit of monitoring entry, easily eliminating someone’s access, registering multiple users with the lock and more.

Why Biometrics?

Of course, the keypad door lock has been popular for quite some time, well before those with biometric capabilities became mainstream. However, adding biometrics to the mix adds even more benefits to these locks. Biometric characteristics can be measured exactly, making it extremely unlikely that someone unauthorized could gain access.

These locks work by having personal biometrics data collected for each person that must use the keypad lock, such as a fingerprint. Then they simply use their fingerprint along with their code to open the keypad lock and gain access.

While fingerprint biometrics is the characteristic most commonly used with a push button door lock, other biometric technologies that can be used with keypad locks and other forms of access control include iris, voice, hand geometry, facial recognition and retina biometrics.

Helpful Steps for Choosing

Now that you’re aware of all the benefits that can be enjoyed when using a door keypad to restrict access and improve security, you may be wondering how to choose one of these keypad locks for your own business. The following are a few helpful steps to follow to ensure you make a wise choice.

- Research and Read Reviews – One of the best steps to take when trying to choose a good push button door lock is to research and read reviews. Take time to research the different options available to you on the market. Find out more about the company’s behind the products as well. Read reviews from consumers that list the pros and cons of each device. Compile this information and you’ll be well equipped to make a good decision.

- Compare Features – You’ll also want to take time to compare the features offered by each keypad lock. If the device boasts features that you don’t need, then you shouldn’t pay more for those features. However, if the features can offer extra security or make it easier to implement the device into your business, paying a bit more for extra features is well worth the investment.

- Consider Specific Needs – Last, consider any specific needs you may have for your business. Do you need a device that only a few people will be using or something that holds information for more than 100 users? Are there specific access needs that must be met? Keep these needs in mind as you make your decision.

Security is important for any business, especially when you need to restrict access to certain areas. Improve your own security by investing in a biometric keypad door lock and keep these tips in mind to ensure you choose the right lock for your business needs.

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