Multimodal Biometrics System A Look At Advanced Biometrics Security Devices!

Multimodal biometrics systems are offering the very best of advanced biometrics technology for companies and individuals looking for cutting edge biometrics security systems.

Instead of only using a single behavioral or physiological characteristic to enroll, identify or verify an individual, multimodal uses multiple characteristics.

While biometrics technology offers excellent results when only one characteristic is used within a system, multimodal systems that require the use of multiple characteristics offer better accuracy and security.

Multimodal Biometrics Systems

Multimodal Characteristic Identification

Before looking further at multimodal systems and all they have to offer, it’s important to understand the different characteristics that can be used for biometrics identification.

First, there are a couple different multimodal behavioral characteristics that can be used for identification, including speaker recognition and keystroke recognition.

Multiple physical characteristics can be used for identification. Some of the forms of physical identification include voice, iris, retina, hand geometry, handwriting, fingerprint and facial proportions.

Multimodal - Combining These Technologies

The great thing about biometrics is that these devices actually combine various biometric recognition technologies. Most systems will combine three different technologies to verify and authenticate a person’s identity.

Combining multiple biometrics technologies offers you the best possible security. When using advanced biometrics systems, even if one technology happens to fail, the other two can still be used to offer accurate identification of the individual in question.

Benefits of Multimodal Systems

If you choose to begin using a multimodal system, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits. One of the benefits you’ll enjoy is the ability to retain high levels of security. System administrators are able to decide on the security level needed for the area.

For example, areas that require extremely high security can use three biometrics characteristics for security while lower security areas may only use one identifier to establish identity.

Another benefit of these advanced biometric systems is the ability to improve accuracy. While multimodal technology is highly successful, certain types of biometric technologies, such as fingerprint technology, does have a small percentage of failure.

False rejection rates and false acceptance rates become less of a problem when using multimodal computer software that focuses on multiple biometrics identifiers.

Multimodal allows you to enjoy systems that are more secure and more accurate than systems that only use a single biometrics technology. You can enjoy a system that is free of serious limitations, enjoying reliability that improves security.

Various Multimodal Uses

Multimodal biometrics systems have many applications. They can be used to provide access control to highly secure areas. They can also be used to help with payment processing and resetting passwords.

Some of the other areas these multimodal systems can be used in include law enforcement settings, border management and even for time and attendance.

An advanced multimodal database can show extremely strong potential when being used for criminal identification, civil identification and physical access. Systems using multi modal biometric technologies may offer some potential for use in computer access, network access, ATM and kiosk use, surveillance, eCommerce and so much more.

It’s easy to see that multimodal software offers a huge amount of potential, revolutionizing the way biometrics security technology can be used today.

Although these advanced devices are still fairly new and a few challenges exist in designing and implementing them, they still have a lot to offer.

No doubt, multimodal products will soon become more popular as top biometric solution companies work to rise above the challenges and provide systems that offer the very best in accuracy, security and safety.

If security is important to your company or your individual needs, it’s worth it to learn more about multimodal security systems and all they have to offer you.

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