Security Biometrics - 7 Ways To Improve Your Security!

Using security biometrics is one of the best ways to improve your security, as biometric security devices are designed to recognize only the individual biometric print of each person and allow or deny access accordingly.

These security bio metrics can be one of the best ways to improve your safety, and there are many ways that you can upgrade your security systems and make your home and office much safer as a result:

Security Biometrics 101

Biometrics Cryptography and Security

Biometrics can be used by large companies to encrypt and secure files that are being sent over unsecured lines. Rather than relying on a password or key to access encrypted files, biometric cryptography and security software will automatically decrypt files for those who have been granted access to the files through a biometrics scan.

Biometric Systems of Surveillance

There are many surveillance systems that use biometrics to recognize those entering the premises of a building. These surveillance systems are designed to monitor the way people walk, the way they write their signature, the way they type on the keyboard, their unique fingerprint, their voice print, or their retinal pattern.

All of these different surveillance systems will ensure that only those who belong in a building will remain there.

Biometrics Security Safes

Keeping your valuables safe at the office and in your home is very important, and what better way to do so than by using a safe.

The locks on these safes are biometrics systems that cannot be opened by anyone other than you and those who you grant access to the safe, thus ensuring that anything you have stored inside the safe will be completely - safe.

Biometric Access Control

Allowing certain employees to access certain areas of a building can be done using key cards, but the key cards can easily be lost.

Rather than relying on people to not lose their badges and ID cards, you can install biometric access control systems on certain doors and entrances to restricted areas. This will ensure that only those who are permitted to enter will do so, and those who are not permitted will be kept out.

This is important especially if you have sensitive or private areas where someone wandering around can do serious damage.

Biometric Time Clocks

Rather than having to check the time stamps marked on a time card for each of your employees, you will find that using biometrics time clocks will make keeping track of your employees much easier.

All you need to do is check the time they entered each day, and the software used for the time clock will highlight the times when they arrived late or left early. This will make monitoring performance much easier, and will help your employees be much more accountable.

Biometric Computer Access

Protecting your sensitive files on your personal and work computer is important, and you may find that using biometric computer locks will keep your computer safe in case someone tries to steal it.

The software used to lock the computer will ensure that only those whose fingerprints match the access codes will be able to use the computer, thus keeping it safe against access by anyone else.

Biometric Network Control

Allowing access to your internet system may be necessary for auditors and other external consultants, but you can protect your network by using security biometrics.

All you need to do is simply allow them restricted access to the internet, but restrict their network access to keep your server safe.

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