Time Clock Biometric Employee Attendance Tracking Software!

An updated time clock biometric system is one of the best things that you can install in your office or retail store, and you will find that a biometric fingerprint time clock will help to improve productivity and attendance significantly.

It may be an expense that will set you back a few hundred dollars, but it will be totally worth it in order to ensure that your employees are working like they are supposed to.

For employers, the loss of merchandise is a big one, but it is nowhere near as common as the loss of time. Whether it is employees stepping out for a few too many smoke breaks, taking an extra long lunch, or arriving to work late and leaving early, there is always a way for employees to get out of working as much as they should.

While they are required to punch in their time cards when they arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, there is so much that goes on during the day that cannot be tracked on the clock time card.

You always see an employee or two out in the parking lot taking a smoke, or you are sure to see one or two of them standing around the water cooler and talking for much longer than it takes to fill a glass of water.

This is something that cannot be prevented, unless you use a biometrics fingerprint time clock and a fingerprint access control system to regulate the movements of your employees.

Imagine that your employee has to sign in his time card with his fingerprint in the morning. This means that he cannot get his friend to punch in his card for him when he is late, and thus he will have to arrive earlier every morning just to sign himself in punctually.

Once he is at his desk and work begins, he is likely to try and find ways to dodge work. This could include long bathroom breaks, spending time at the water cooler or coffee machine, or taking a long lunch while on the clock.

However, what would happen if your employee had to scan his fingerprint to gain access to the lunch room, the break room, the door leading outside, and the bathroom? You don’t have to upgrade the security until it is Fort Knox, but you can discreetly add a few biometrics locks in strategic places around the office.

You can tell your employees that there has been some theft taking place, and you want to be sure to catch the culprit by upgrading the technology. Most people will murmur or complain for a few minutes, but they will soon forget about it. The fact that they can instantly punch their time card to clock in and out using their fingerprint will be much easier, and they will be thankful for the convenience.

However, with the time clock biometric system and a biometric access control system, you can ensure that your employees are being as productive as possible. You don’t have to be overt about controlling their movements, but you can use these biometrics systems to ensure that you monitor your employee’s every move.

This way you can be certain that they are as productive as possible, and thus you are getting what you pay for every month in their paycheck.

Today you can enjoy purchasing and using a variety of time clock biometric devices that use biometrics, including safes, locks, time clocks, and even scanners.

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