5 Biometric Attendance Systems Benefits!

Biometric attendance systems provide an excellent time attendance and record keeping option, For companies looking for a more cost effective way to manage employee time attendance records.

Many companies suffer significant losses when employees try to cheat traditional time and attendance clocks by buddy punching. However, biometric employee time clocks can put an end to this practice once and for all.

These biometric devices work by actually identifying employees by one or more physical characteristics. While fingerprint biometric systems are the most popular, this process can also be upgrade to include hand scans, voice recognition, eye scans or even facial recognition software.

Here is a closer look at these attendance devices as well as how they will help you to better manage employees within your business save you company time and most importantly money.

Biometric Attendance Systems How They Work

It’s important to understand how biometric attendance systems really work if you’re considering purchasing and implementing a time attendance device into your company's employee time management system . When the system is set up, each employee will be required to offer his or her fingerprint or voice so it can be recorded in the system doing installation of the biometric system.

After the information is in the system, employees can simply offer their information to the biometric fingerprint scanner. Once the biometrics software matches the information they provide to the bio metric information on file for that employee, the employee is clocked in or out, and only that employee can use the system, no more buddy punching.

This helps to track employees and keeps a very good record of their time on the clock and thus saving your company money. Many different types of biometrics employee time clocks are available, such as fingerprint scanners, hand scanners, retina scanners and more.

The type that works best for your business will depend on your specific situation, your company’s needs and your budget.

Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric attendance systems bring with them many excellent benefits that you will need to consider. Here are a few of the top benefits to keep in mind if you’re trying to decide if one of these systems is right for your company’s many needs.

- Benefit #1 – Eliminates Buddy Punching and Payroll Losses – According to research, about ¾ of all payroll losses experienced by companies is related to the very real problem of buddy punching.

This occurs when another staff member clocks in for someone else. By using biometric employee time clocks, this is no longer an option. This eliminates this problematic practice and helps save your company a lot of money from the very first day that you install the system.

- Benefit #2 – Increase Security – With these devices, only people who are identified and authenticated will be able to gain access to the area they are allowed to be in, which means you’ll also be increasing the very security of your company.

Security for your company is very important and these systems can help you give your security a very big boost.

- Benefit #3 – Increased Accuracy – Biometric attendance systems offer reliable and accurate attendance data daily, weekly and monthly, which is another excellent benefit for your company. Since these devices make use of a digital clock, you will not have to worry about any errors occurring. Payroll errors can be very costly and time consuming but fingerprint clocks make this very real problem a thing of the past.

- Benefit #4 – Money Saving – Although these devices do require an initial investment, they are much cheaper to keep up than your more traditional time keeping systems. You won’t have to worry about paying on-going costs for things like paper time cards, time sheets and other related supplies.

- Benefit #5 – Reduce Common Employee Problems – With traditional systems, employees are often able to slide by with early out times, absenteeism and late arrivals thus costing your company money.

This hurts the production of your company and can increase your cost of operation. You’ll be able to better keep track of employees, reducing these problems and saving your company time and money, starting today.

Of course, these are only a few of the excellent benefits that biometric attendance systems have to offer your company. A few other benefits offered include the ability to control overtime, control of budget labor costs and reduced cost of payroll labor just to start.

Purchasing Your Biometric Time and Attendance System

With all the great benefits offered by these biometrics employee punch clocks, you may want to add one to your company. When you’re ready to make a purchase, you need to keep a few things in mind. It’s essential to consider the features of these time attendance devices before making your final decision.

Various attendance features are available, such as tracking multiple employee departments, automatically generating reports daily, scheduling integration, payroll integration and more. You will be able to pinpoint the specific needs of your company and then decide on the features that best fit your needs.

You also need to keep the size of your company in mind when choosing your biometric attendance systems. If you have a large company with hundreds of employees, you’ll need a attendance system that will handle all those employees. Of course, if you have a company with only 15-20 people, you won’t need to invest in a large system that handles hundreds of people.

Also, make sure you choose an option that can easily grow along with your business so you don’t have to purchase a new system if you expand your company.

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