Biometric Facial Recognition System A Guide to Face Recognition Technology!

Biometric facial recognition systems are quickly becoming a more popular form of biometric technology used for security and other applications today.

Today many businesses are beginning to implement this form of facial biometrics technology, which is why you need to learn as much as possible about what face recognition technology has to offer.

Here is a closer look at how facial recognition works, the benefits it has to offer and a few buying tips to help you out as well.

Biometric Facial Recognition System - What is It?

First, you may be wondering what biometric facial recognition is. This facial technology works by creating a digital representation of the facial characteristics with special biometric face recognition software. It accomplishes this by analyzing closely the face’s structure, focusing on facial features like the eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones.

Basically, a map of the facial features, lines and angles of the face is made and then turned into a file that keeps all of this information on the person. Since the biometric software is very detail oriented, there is a minimal chance of dealing with false denials or incorrect matches when using this form of biometrics.

How Face Recognition Technology Works

Now that you understand what biometric face recognition is, you may be wondering how it really works. When face recognition technology is used, one of two methods are used in order to establish a person’s identity.

First, you have the geometric method. This method includes comparing characteristics that are distinguishable. Second, you have the photometric method, which turns the facial features into a numeric value. This is done analytically and the value is then compared to all the templates that the database has stored.

When someone is entered into the facial recognition system, his or her identity is established within the biometric authentication system. To come up with a map of their facial features, pictures are taken of the face from a variety of different angles.

Once taken, the pictures are entered into the biometric system and when that person later requests access, it compares the face to the values that are already within the system to establish identity.

Top Benefits Facial Recognition Has to Offer

If you’re considering a biometric facial recognition system, you’ll quickly find that these biometric security systems have many benefits to offer. One of the main benefits offered is the ability to establish identity with a non-contact process.

It is easy to capture an image of a person’s face, even if they are some distance away. The person is not required to provide a fingerprint or any other information, so no contact is required to use these types of biometrics systems.

Another benefit of face identification technology is that it offers results that are accurate and fast. The processing times of these systems are very short and they are known for providing results that are very accurate.

Even when facial changes have been made, today’s systems are usually still able to recognize faces. The matching is reliable with these systems and they also offer the benefit of diverse application, making these systems a great option for many different kinds of companies.

Helpful Tips for Buying

It’s easy to see that biometric facial recognition systems have a lot to offer. If you are planning to purchase one of these systems, you need to keep some things in mind. One buying tip to remember is to go with a biometric security product offered by a well known company within the biometrics field.

Check out each biometrics company and their reputation before purchasing their biometric security products. It’s also a good idea to check into trying out a demo copy of face recognition software. Many top companies today will allow you to take a trail run of their software so you can see if it will work well for your company’s needs.

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