Biometric Face Recognition Software Great Applications For Security Devices!

Biometric face recognition software is designed to analyze the facial structure of a person and then save it for future verification and authentication.

The face recognition sdk takes various measurements and points on the face, such as key feature angles, distance between the nose and mouth, or even the distance between eyes. Then, the information that is collected is used to create a template that uses the numerical data that was taken.

Once the template is in place, then it can be compared to the database of other facial images to find the subjects identity.

Today, biometric recognition software is being used in many different ways. If you’re considering using any of the latest biometric technology yourself, it’s a good idea to learn about the various ways the software can be used. Here is a look at some of the great applications for this face software.

Biometric Computer Security Access

One of the applications for face recognition sdk happens to be protection for computer access. Built in or external webcams are used on computers to scan the face of the user. This option is used instead of using a password.

Sometimes a biometric facial recognition feature is required to log on the computer and in other cases, it may be used to provide access to particular files on the computer. This option is low cost and a secure way to protect your computer or sensitive information.

Medium Security Access

You’ll find that one of the most popular applications for biometric face recognition happens to be medium security access for controlled environments. This biometrics software can replace thumb print scans or card keys for companies. If you have a company where sensitive areas need to be controlled, this software can be a huge help.

Time and Attendance

Many companies have found that bio-metric face recognition software is a great time and attendance solution as well. It’s well known that older time and attendance solutions are not able to prevent timecard fraud, such as buddy punching.

However, when using biometric time and attendance and facial recognition systems, this totally ends the problem of timecard fraud. Buddy punching is not possible, since the face of the person has to be scanned. This face scanning system can save a huge amount of money for companies while also saving on time.

General Surveillance

Unlike many other forms of biometrics, biometric face recognition software can be used for general surveillance, since it does not require direct contact with the face to be used. It is often used along with public video surveillance.

Currently some airports are using biometric surveillance with face recognition sdk options and it even is used in some cities to help spot criminals. It’s even been used at huge sports events to screen the attendees before they are allowed entrance.

Future Biometric Applications

No doubt, future applications will be found as the technology behind biometric face recognition software progresses. More airports are considering the use of this biometric security software because of the huge amount of traffic they get. Even banks are starting to test this face recognition software on auto teller machines to offer fast check cashing without a human teller.

Although there is still much to learn about this technology, it definitely has a bright future and if offers many excellent applications.

Whether you’re looking for a face recognition time and attendance solution, a way to protect your computer, or you need to restrict access to a certain area, biometric face recognition software can be a great option.

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