Biometric Security Futuristic Technology Available Today!

In the past, biometric security was something that seemed futuristic - the stuff that showed up in action and science fiction movies.

However, this type of security is quickly becoming more available today as technology advances and the prices of biometric software and biometric hardware come down.

These systems are used to help identify and authenticate by comparing certain behavioral and biological properties.

The process of biometrics allows measurable physiological, anatomical and behavioral characteristics to be used to recognize a person in an automated way.

Here is a closer look at this futuristic technology, some of the common biometric modalities and a few of the uses for these systems.

How Biometric Security Systems Work

Before looking at some of the modalities used for biometric security devices, you may be wondering how these systems work. In most cases, there are five different components integrated together to make one of these systems work correctly.

First, you have a biometric sensor, which collects biometric data and then turns it into a digital file. Another component is the signal processing algorithms, which are used to come up with templates and perform activities for quality control.

Then, you have a data storage component, which works to store the information that templates in the future will be compared to. The matching algorithm is the component that compares the stored templates to the new biometric template offered.

Last, you have the decision process of the system, which may be human assisted or fully automated. This takes the results that come from the matching algorithm and makes a decision.

Fingerprint Recognition

One of the biometric modalities happens to be fingerprint recognition, which is the most popular and well known option when it comes to the modalities used for bio metric security. For many years, fingerprints have already been used as a means for identification because they are consistent and unique, even over a period of time.

Within recent times, technology has advanced to the point that biometric fingerprint recognition is now easily automated. It has become a very popular option among those looking for security systems, since it is easy to collect this information. The valleys and ridges in a print are what create a unique pattern.

Hand Geometry

Hand geometry is often used in security systems and is one of the modalities that has been implemented the longest. This technology hit the market back in the late 1980s. The reason this technology has been implemented so widely is because it is easy to integrate, easy to use and it’s widely accepted by the public as well.

However, this technology does have some challenges. The applications are somewhat limited to only biometric verification tasks because hand geometry is not as highly unique as many would like.

Iris Recognition

Out of the many different biometric technologies being used, iris recognition is one of the youngest. In fact, the patent for automated iris recognition has only been around since 1994. This type of iris biometrics is achieved by the iris’ random pattern in a person. The iris is actually the eye’s colored portion and is unique to everyone. Since everyone has a unique iris, it makes an excellent technology for recognition purposes.

Face Recognition

More than likely, you’ve heard of face recognition technology, which uses the face to help recognize a person. While simple geometric models were once used within this technology, today the recognition process uses matching processes and mathematical representations that are very sophisticated.

These advancements have made this technology more popular within the past decade. Today, face recognition biometrics is used within bio metric security for both identification and verification.

The Many Uses for Biometrics

Today, biometric security systems have many applications. These systems are used to provide security for specific areas, protecting access to physical locations. You’ll also find that bio metrics is employed to help protect access to virtual locations or data.

Protection is offered by these systems for crimes that are performed remotely, such as identity theft. With the many biometric applications these systems offer, it’s easy to see why many companies are beginning to implement this type of security.

You won’t have to watch a movie or read a science fiction book to read about the futuristic technology of biometric security.

More than likely, it’s already being implemented all around you. With various technologies to choose from, this technology is quickly become a great choice for private companies, government divisions and even home use.

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