Choosing A Biometric Solution For Your Home Or Office!

Those looking for a biometric solution to their security problems will find that there are a number of different biometric security devices that can provide them with enhanced privacy and protection.

There are many types of biometric security software that you can use to protect your home or business, and the software is usually connected to a biometrics scanner that utilizes one of the many unique biometrics patterns of each person.

Each biometric solution has its advantages and disadvantages, and taking these various things into account is an important part of choosing the best biometric device for your home or office.

Biometric Solution Update

Biometrics Retina and Iris Scanning Solution

The best thing about retinal biometrics and iris scanning is that everyone has a different shape, size, and pattern of eyes. No two eyes are precisely the same, and you will find that using these scanners is often one of the best ways to enhance security. This solution is usually fairly convenient to use, as the person trying to gain access to a location simply needs to look directly at the scanner for their iris or retina to be scanned.

Facial Recognition Solution

A face scan is a much more complex form of biometrics, particularly the 3D facial scanners that basically reconstruct the entire shape of the face onto a 3D face recognition template. These are much more secure than the 2D scanners, but this solution is a good deal more expensive and harder to find.

Fingerprint Scanner Solution

Fingerprint access scanners are the simplest solution, as the fingerprint is the most convenient thing to scan. Seeing as the hand has to reach out to grasp a door handle, it takes a little extra effort to place your finger on the finger scanner to be instantly scanned. They are also the simplest devices to crack unless they are 3D fingerprint scanners.

Palm Scanners Solution

The biometric scanners for pcs uses the shape, size, and fingerprints of the entire hand to determine if the person being scanned is allowed access or not. Seeing as each person has a hand that is unique from every other person’s in the world, there is little chance that a palm scan can be duplicated easily.

Biometric Voice Print Matcher

Voice recognition biometrics uses the unique voice print of every person around the world. There is no one else in the world that has the exact same tone and pitch as your voice, and the voice and face recognition software used to match your voice print against that in the database will be able to tell the difference between you and someone else with a voice almost exactly like yours.

Signature Verification Solution

Signature biometrics are usually much more advanced and fairly uncommon, due to the fact that they are incredibly costly and often not as precise. While everyone does write their signature nearly the same way every time, there is always the risk that it will differ slightly every day. That is one of the flaws in biometric signature verification, but they are still a viable options.

Gait Biometrics

Gait biometrics is the largest biometric solution, as it is spread over the surface of the floor. The person trying to gain access needs to walk a certain way to be authorized, and even slight changes in the way you walk can trip the alarm.

Biometrics is basically the recognition of human characteristics that are unique, which can include facial recognition, retina scans, palm prints, fingerprints, voice recognition, and more.

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