Biometric Timeclocks Decrease Fraud And Increase Efficiency!

Biometric timeclocks are quickly become a top security choice. With these biometric fingerprint time clocks you have the ability to keep track of your employees, which are actually your most valuable business assets.

It’s important that you ensure that your employees are giving your company the best work possible, which involves making sure they are not arriving late, taking extended lunch breaks, or engaging in buddy punching fraud.

By implementing biometric timeclocks, you can eliminate these problems while enjoying increase in efficiency and productivity that installation of a time clock biometric system can provide.

Biometric Timeclocks - Get The Best Time Tracking Systems.

Time clock History

Before looking further at biometric timeclocks, it’s a good idea to look at some of the history behind these devices. When they were first introduced to the market, they were devices that required punch cards to be used.

Employees were given cards and these timeclocks printed or punch the date and the specific time right on those cards. These first options were crude and the demand for these devices lead to advancement.

Eventually electronic time clocks were developed and used by businesses, requiring special magnetic strip cards, and later, proximity cards.

It soon became clear that even the newer electronic models still had a big problem. Employees could still use the cards to clock in other employees. It was at this point that work really started on biometrics fingerprint time clocks.

Biometrics clocks helped to eliminate this problem, since specific physical data had to be used by these systems, which meant that buddy punching and time fraud would be a thing of the past. Today most large companies are beginning to make use of time clock biometric devices.

How Biometric Timeclocks Work

Biometrics timekeeping devices actually rely on physical characteristics of a person that are measurable. When these systems are installed, biometrics information on each person is taken and placed in the system.

Once everyone’s information is in the finger clock system, then employees can use the system to be accurately identified and authenticated. They provide the specific biometrics information to the system and the biometrics timekeeping system keeps track of their time in and time out.

This means that problems like buddy punching are problems of the past and these systems make it extremely easy for companies to deal with payroll.

Types of Biometrics Used

Various types of biometrics can be used by timeclocks. Various human body parts can be used as a method of identification. Biometric fingerprint timeclocks are a popular option and they use fingerprints from each individual to identify them.

Biometrics hand scanners are also used. In these systems, the shape of the hand and the length of the person’s fingers are identified and put into the system. Iris scanning can also be used, which looks at the colored rings that are around the eye’s pupil.

Some software can use facial recognition, looking at the person’s facial characteristics. Probably the most advanced type of biometrics used is retinal scanning, which looks at the back of the eye to identify the specific pattern of capillary vessels. However, this is very complex and expensive to implement, so it is not a popular option among companies.

Benefits of Biometric Timeclocks

Voice biometrics timeclocks are the latest in biometrics time and attendance systems and they have a lot to offer companies today. First, they are able to benefit companies by eliminating problems with buddy punching.

Timeclocks also help to keep records on every employee, keeping track of leaves, later arrivals, hours worked, and more. Less human intervention is required by these systems as well and this allows them to provide results that are accurate.

Timeclocks can also help you to keep employees working to make the most of their time, which boosts productivity and your bottom line. Overall, this will save you a lot of money, which is definitely a bonus to using the latest and greatest in timeclock systems.

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