Updating Biometrics Port Security Systems!

Biometrics port security is a brand new initiative that many ports have been using in recent years, but this biometrics homeland security initiative has proven to be very effective.

Biometrics hasn’t spread to all of the ports and shipyards around the country, but many of the ports in various states have tried biometrics and found it to be one of the best methods of keeping track of those that are going through their premises.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find biometrics port security in every port around the country within a few years.

Why Is Biometrics Port Security Necessary?

The truth is that there are almost as many people coming though ports on a daily basis as those that come in via train and airplane stations. A passenger ship can literally have thousands of people disembarking at a time, while overseas cargo ships have many hundreds of people working the decks.

It should come as no surprise that many people are smuggled into the country via a port, as it is nearly impossible to keep track of so many people moving around in so many directions.

The homeland agents have it much easier with the airports, as all of the people that are traveling to and from the various countries in the world have to pass through a limited number of checkpoints.

This means that there only has to be a limited number of personnel at these specific locations, and with enough biometric surveillance it is not too much of a challenge to keep track of everyone going in and out of the city.

However, with a port, things are much more difficult. A shipping port is not as isolated as airports are, meaning that people are able to sneak in and out of the port without too much of a challenge. Provided they appear to belong there, pretty much anyone can walk around a port without being noticed.

This means that all kinds of things are very common at ports, things like arms deals, suspicious cargo being unloaded without being noticed by Customs, and even human trafficking. There really is no way to keep track of everything, or at least it would be without biometric systems.

While someone can swipe a simple plastic ID card and gain access to the port via the main entrance, that wouldn’t work if those gaining access to the airport had to swipe their fingerprints thru a biometrics scanner or get their eyeballs scanned using retinal biometrics.

The implementation of biometrics at ports and shipyards could seriously reduce the level of crime and illegal activity going on, meaning that Homeland agents could have a much closer eye on all the things that are going on - things that they can do nothing about right now because they have no idea that they are going on.

Sure, some people will complain about the tightening port restrictions and how Big Brother is watching, but the truth is that there are many benefits to this simple biometrics port security upgrade.

It is only the people that have something to hide or that are involved in illegal activity that will be seriously affected by this biometrics upgrade, while those that are just going about their daily business won’t really be affected in any way. The safety of each shipping port will be improved, but commerce and travel won’t be interrupted at all.

Find out more about the latest biometric technology today and discover why you should upgrade your home or business security.

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