Biometrics Smart Cards Updating Security Card Technology Worldwide!

Biometrics smart cards are taking security cards to the next level today. Smart cards have been a popular option and combining this technology with biometric security technology has provided biometric cards that combine the best of both types of technology.

Many companies are implementing security systems that use these cards along with biometric smart card readers and they are enjoying great results.

If you’re not familiar with this next generation security card technology, here is a closer look at the technology behind this new option.

Understanding Biometrics Smart Cards

Before looking more closely, it’s important to understand biometric technology. Biometrics includes looking at behavioral or physical traits and identifying this traits.

Various technologies exist within biometric systems, including retinal biometrics, voice recognition, facial recognition biometrics, fingerprint biometrics, and iris biometrics.

Smart Card Technology Information

You also must understand how smart cards work. A smart card includes a microprocessor or chip that stores data.

Some must be swiped through machines, some can contact interfaces without actually touching the machine, and still others use radio frequencies to store and retrieve data with RFID tags. In most cases, it is contactless cards that are used along with biometric security technology.

Combing Biometrics and Smart Card Technology

Now that you understand a bit more about the two different technologies, you may be wondering how biometrics and smart card technology are tied together to bring about biometric smart devices.

The microprocessors in the card allow behavioral or physical identification to be stored on it. Retinal scans, voice recognition, or fingerprints can be stored on these cards. Then the biometrics data is communicated with an interface via contactless biometric smart card readers in most cases. Scans then help to confirm the identity of the person using the this information.

These two technologies go together smoothly and seamlessly, offering some innovative solutions that many companies can take advantage of today.

How Each Card Is Used

So, how are these cards actually used? You may be surprised to find that biometrics smart cards are already being used today.

Some biometric passports are making use of this technology. The licensing systems of some states are also making use of this technology, putting fingerprint information into driver’s license.

Some companies are using these cards as identification cards as well, especially those that need to have very tight security. Even certain universities are using some that are using both smart card technology and biometric technology together.

It’s easy to see that biometrics and smart card technology definitely can work well together. The technologies are so complimentary that more uses will probably be found for these biometric cards in the future. If you have a business that needs better security, this may be an option for you to consider.

You’ll be able to enjoy all that the two technologies offer when combined together. It’s easy to implement and the price is reasonable as well. Take the time to find out more about bio smart cards and the impact they can have on the security of your own business.

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