Voice Biometric Software The Advantages of Using Speech Recognition Technology!

Voice biometric software provides biometric security by using spoken words and the sound of the voice to identify and authenticate identities.

Depending on the biometrics software being used, compared recordings, wave patterns or spoken words can be used for biometric voice verification.

With many forms of biometric technology on the rise, it’s interesting to note that voice recognition is one of the most preferred forms of biometrics by consumers today.

Here is a closer look at biometric voice verification software and free voice recognition software, how they work, as well as some of the main advantages of using voice recognition biometrics.

Voice Biometric Software Technology

How it Works

When either voice software or speech recognition freeware is used, two phases of the vocal authentication process must take place. First, the individual must be enrolled within the biometric software.

The biometric voice verification software creates a voiceprint of the speaker and stores it in a biometrics database. Enrollment in the speech recognition machine and database only has to occur once.

While the enrolling voice recognition programs can vary, depending on the specific software being used, it usually only requires the individual to record certain words to make up the voiceprint. Once the individual is enrolled in the system, then verification can occur.

Biometric voice verification is the phase where an identity claim of an individual is either rejected or accepted. Every time access is required, biometrics identity verification must be performed.

The vocal characteristics of the individual are compared to the voiceprint that was created during enrollment, ensuring that it matches before offering access.

It’s also important to note that most voice biometrics software can operate in a text dependent mode or a text prompted mode. The text dependent mode uses a specific text to perform verification and that text is used in the authentication and verification phases of the process.

In a text prompted mode, a different text is used each time for the individual to repeat for verification and authentication. Many people prefer this method, since it makes it difficult to use recordings, which helps reduce the risk of fraud.

The Advantages of Biometric Voice Software Verification

Using voice biometric software comes with a variety of different advantages. One of the main advantages of biometric speech  verification is that it is so popular with consumers today.

Studies show that consumers prefer speech recognition systems far more than other forms of biometrics, with fingerprint biometrics coming in second. This form of biometric technology is convenient and familiar, which is why so many people prefer it.

Vocal authentication is easy to use, non-intrusive and versatile, which has made it easily accepted by users.

Another advantage of voice biometric software is the fact that it requires little equipment. The speech recognition software can easily be used with a phone or other reasonable equipment, depending on the specific use of the free speech recognition software.

It is also quite accurate, which makes it an excellent choice. It is especially advantageous for overcoming some of the security issues that exist based upon remote telephone access to certain services.

Various Voice Recognition Applications

Voice biometric programs can be used for a variety of applications, which is yet another big advantage that it has to offer. It can offer voice caller authentication for call centers, which is especially helpful in a banking environment.

Another application is voice payment verification, which requires a spoken digital signature to put a payment through. This helps to protect the financial information of consumers and is especially helpful by ensuring a more secure payment process.

Voice web authentication, voice password reset and speech tracking are also applications for this form of biometrics technology.

With the many advantages offered by speech verification, it’s definitely a technology worth considering. With so many application of biometrics available today makes it easy for any type of business to find voice biometric software that meets their specific needs.

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