Voice And Face Recognition Software For Enhanced Security!

Today both biometrics voice and face recognition software options are being implemented in both private and professional premises.

Since they both have so many benefits to offer, these biometrics software technologies are often used together or independently to provide better security.

Biometric security devices are becoming more popular because of the sound technology and high accuracy they have to offer.

If you’re considering a biometric facial recognition system, voice recognition programs or a combination of the two, here is a look at the best voice recognition software and biometrics face recognition programs this technology has to offer.

Voice And Face Recognition Software

How Facial Recognition Systems Work

Face biometrics and voice biometrics, before looking at how voice and facial recognition software options can be used together, it’s important to understand how both technologies work on their own.

A facial recognition system is a face biometrics physiological technology that focuses on the composition and shape of the face.

Every individuals face has a variety of landmarks, certain valleys and peaks that create the facial features. A persons face can easily be captured by a biometric camera and the biometric software system makes note of various nodal points on your face to create a face print of the you within the system.

Just a few of the face nodal points that may be used to create the face print include distance between the eyes, cheekbone shape, nose width, eye socket depth and jaw line length.

When a person tries to access the biometrics system, they are required to present their face and the systems software compares the face print, often noted as a numerical code. If the face print matches the one on file, the individual is granted access.

How Voice Recognition Programs Work

Biometric voice recognition programs work in a similar manner but instead of creating a face print, these software systems create a biometric voiceprint. The individual is enrolled in the voice recognition software system by providing their voiceprint biometrically, which is stored by the system using the latest voice hardware.

The biometric voice verification phase takes place when the individual offers their voice print for comparison to the one created during the software enrolling process. If the voice print matches the one in the system, access is granted.

However, if it doesn’t match, access is not granted. Different voice recognition software options may use different methods of biometric voice recognition, including spoken words, compared recordings and wave patterns.

The Benefits of Both Software Options

When considering voice and face recognition software, it’s important to consider the benefits that both options have to offer.

Both of these software options provide biometric identification and biometric authentication with no human touch technology. This means that individuals don’t have to touch anything when using these systems.

Consumers prefer these types of biometrics technologies because they are non-invasive and easy to use.

Facial recognition can be established with a camera and voice recognition can easily be done through a phone or other speaking device. The accuracy of these biometric technologies is excellent, which offers businesses and private residences better security.

Using These Biometrics Technologies Together

Although these technologies are often used individually, voice & face recognition software can also be used together. When used together, they can add an extra layer of security to a security system.

While an individual may have a slim chance of bypassing one biometric technology, the chances of being able to bypass both technologies is next to nothing. Within a security system, these biometric technologies can be used together, requiring individuals to provide a voice sample while also having a picture of their face taken before access is granted.

Technology has advanced greatly in the past few years, providing more biometrics security options than ever before.

Today it’s possible to use security systems that use more than one type of biometrics technology, such as voice and face recognition software. With the combination of top technologies, companies can ensure that they have the best possible security.

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